ISSUE 01. Hello there, nice person!✧*

This is Tuzeitor speaking, welcome to The Sandunga Post!✧*

I’m starting this as a gazette (well, it’s a short magazine/bulletin thingy… I just like old-timey words) where I’ll be sharing new characters, design processes, discounts, promotions, and other juicy stuff happening at Tuzeitor’s Headquarters!

“Cool, but wait… Discounts? For what?”

Goatfish in the making. Photo courtesy of @lusesita.

Well, my dear friend, another new thing going on around here is I’m opening a ceramic shop around mid September! So, I thought writing The Sandunga Post✧* would be a great way for us to keep in touch and stay updated. HELL YES!

Now you know what this “Sandunga Post✧*” thing is about. I’ll tell you more shop gossip in the next issue!

Want to know what “Sandunga” means? Check the Issue 00!

Take care! :)